Amanda Feyerbend

Mystery and Suspense Author

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Do Unto Others
Do Unto Others by Amanda Feyerbend

They killed his daughter

Gabe Woodall's life is upended when his daughter is assaulted and left to die in the trunk of a car.

They thought they got away with it

In a second blow, the district attorney drops the charges against her murderers.

They were wrong

Gabe decides to take matters into his own hands, and this grieving father has no qualms about cutting a bloody path across Atlanta to get justice.

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The Ideal Woman
The Ideal Woman by Amanda Feyerbend

My name is Ashley Williams and my husband is dead.

When the brutalized corpse of an unidentified man is found off the shoulder of a Georgia highway, Detective Ryan Quinn and FBI Agent Donovan Navito team up to catch the madman working his way across the southeast, choosing victims at random.

I thought we had the perfect life, quiet and
serene, but that was a charade.

Each man or woman is brutally tortured before being granted mercy in death. The only thing linking the victims? The murderer's calling card—a bite labeling the kills as his own.

A chance discovery draws me down an
ever-spiraling path of destruction.

Something about their newest victim sets him apart from the rest. Is this man the key to unraveling the mystery and ending this horrifying spree? In a race for answers, their stories will intertwine and test the limits of the human spirit.

Could you turn your back once the truth is staring
you in the face? I don't know if I can…

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