Amanda Feyerbend

Mystery and Suspense Author

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Liz Lockhart Mysteries Book 3

After a startling revelation...

...Liz is now on the path of revenge.

Can she find the evidence needed to put Simone behind bars?

Knowing that her best friend is also a killer, Liz vows to get justice for her late husband. She and Detective Nick Swafford devise a plan, and Liz dives into Brent's case, looking for any missed clues.

Then she has a realization.

If Simone killed her husband...

...could she also be responsible for other crimes?

Before she can investigate further, a woman is beaten to death in her apartment. Liz and her partner are sent to the scene, and Liz recognizes the victim. As a patrolman, Liz was dispatched to the Griffin household multiple times.

And now it looks like the ongoing domestic dispute has come to a violent conclusion.

Can Liz track down one killer...

...while on a quest to prove another exists?

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