Amanda Feyerbend

Mystery and Suspense Author

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Copycat Cover

Liz Lockhart Mysteries Book 5

Echo is watching from the shadows...

...and he's ready to strike.

Echo's got a plan...and he'll execute it just right.

Liz's latest case is confounding from the start. Not a trace of evidence is found on the victim, who has been immaculately cleaned. The use of strange props and the lack of connection between the victim and the dumping ground have the department scratching its head. But, when Liz manages to wade her way through the sea of random clues, the truth of the killing leaves everyone in shock.

The case lags after that discovery ends with no solid clues to follow, and Liz has to wait for new leads.

Then Liz gets a call from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and learns that her victim is just the latest in a long line of copycat killings happening across the state. When they invite her to join their task force, Liz enthusiastically agrees. She dives into the cases alongside the Special Agent who first connected the victims.

But the question remains...

Can Liz track down this predator...

...when no one else has?

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