Amanda Feyerbend

Author of The Pruitt County Mysteries and The Ideal Woman

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Cries in the Night
Cries in the Night by Amanda Feyerbend

A family goes about their daily business, unaware that a killer is stalking from the shadows. In the blink of an eye their lives are snuffed out, leaving a bloody mess of questions behind...

Detective Cassie Nash's life is in pieces. She has lost so much: family, friends, and the respect of her colleagues. It's been two months since the events of The Last Cut, but people in Pruitt County are still whispering behind her back. Word travels fast in small communities, and Cassie is proof.

When Cassie and Stephen are called to a crime scene at the local campground they discover an entire family gruesomely slaughtered in the middle of the night. What made the Alcovy family a target? Was this a random crime, or was one of them the intended target?

Cassie and Stephen delve into the personal lives of the victims in an attempt to track down who might have wanted to see them dead. But the Alcovys seem like your typical family, and any suspects Cassie and Stephen discover are quickly thrown out. How do you find the killer when you can't find a motive?

Enter Campbell Reynolds, a private investigator from Savannah, Georgia. Cam knows all about their case because she's seen it all before, twelve years ago at a campsite down south. As a patrolman she was called to a scene that was eerily familiar.

Working under the assumption that the cases are connected, the detectives struggle to answer the flood of questions hitting them. Why were the two families attacked? What do they have in common? Who would massacre two families while they slept? And possibly the most important question of all: Is their perpetrator going to keep killing?

Cassie Nash returns for another thrilling novel in The Pruitt County Mystery series.

The Last Cut
The Last Cut by Amanda Feyerbend

Pruitt County Mysteries Book 3 - A Cassie Nash Novel

Two women are dead - killed by two individuals with two very different motives...

Detective Cassie Nash gets called to a crime scene and what she finds there is unsettling. The victim is Adelaide Walton, Jeff Simpson's new girlfriend, and he instantly becomes suspect #1.

Because of her relationship with Jeff, Cassie immediately finds herself transferred to a new case and she delves into the mystery of Rebecca Downey's murder. Was she shot to death by her husband, the town's sports legend? Or was Rebecca merely the victim of a robbery gone wrong?

When Jeff turns to the only person who could help him, Cassie is dragged back into the case, working outside the system to prove her friend and sporadic lover's innocence. Not everything was as it seemed with Adelaide Walton's life. Could her secrets have led to her demise?

Cassie desperately wants to believe in Jeff's innocence, but first she must prove it. Was this a random crime, or is someone trying to frame the playboy philanthropist?

Cassie Nash returns in another page-turning thriller by Amanda Feyerbend.

White River
White River by Amanda Feyerbend

Pruitt County Mysteries Book 2 - A Cassie Nash Novel

Marcus has been given an enormous responsibility. He must reap the pure ones before its too late...

Four months have passed since the Quad State Stranglers were brought to justice and the once quiet town of Coopersville is still recovering. Newly promoted Cassidy Nash is partnered with seasoned detective Alex Gray and her first day throws her right into the flames.

A girl's body is found floating in the Nigi River wearing a dress that doesn't belong to her. No one knows where it came from or why it was put on her.

Little do the detectives know, this story started two decades earlier at a gruesome event. With more questions than answers, Cassie and Alex must find out who did this before more girls suffer the same fate.

Endless Evil
Endless Evil by Amanda Feyerbend

Pruitt County Mysteries Book 1 - An Alex Gray Novel

Peaceful life in a small Georgia county is shattered when women's bodies begin turning up on the side of the highway; the women raped and then strangled to death.

At first Detective Alex Gray does not realize these cases are related, but then Megan Crawford survives. Suspected of being an accomplice to a string of rapes in the past, Megan falls under suspicion again. Is she the key to solving this case, or is she part of the deception? With no evidence and no leads Alex must try everything he can to stop this killing spree, even if it means involving the one person who may be hiding secrets of her own.

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